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This is the place to access all the descriptions, information, and usage manuals for all of Intrinsic Algorithm's game development technology. Some of these will be filled out slower than others and they will be updated as technology changes or features are added. You will also find references to lectures and documents about these products as well as game and AI development in general.


The following is a list of the technologies that are offered by IA and have information contained in this section.

Infinite Axis Utility System

Dave Mark is well known in AI circles, particularly at the GDC AI Summit, as being a proponent of utility-based AI. While utility can be (and has been) applied to many different types of architectures for decades, he has developed a stand-alone architecture based entirely on utility mechanisms. Over the past 8 years, he has continued to improve this method and deployed it to great success in his contract work with a variety of companies. The Infinite Access Utility System was spoken about briefly at the GDC AI Summit in 2013 as his part of a multi-person talk entitled, Architecture Tricks: Managing Behaviors in Time, Space, and Depth. (You can skip to 33:35 for the beginning of my segment.)


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