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An AI Entity is a class designed to hold information that might be relevant 2 game characters. Any character that would have a Brain would also have an AI Entity. Also any object in the world that thinking characters would need to acquire information on and reason about would also need one as well.

One important component of and AI Entity is that they hold the information tags as part of the tagging system that the AI uses to gather information about potential targets. Additionally, AI Entities contain the World Object Type of the item or character that it is attached to. That way, agents can know and be able to filter queries about world objects by what they are (through Object Types) or information about them - either permanent or temporary (through Tags).


All of the information about an AI Entity is contained in the AiEntity class.


There is no direct data involved with an AI Entity. However, they use values that are defined in the database such as World Object Type, Entity Tag, and Team.