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A Behavior Pack is merely a collection of Behaviors that is named and given a description. They are then assigned to one or more Brains to indicate that the agent has access to the behaviors in it. Typically, Behavior Packs are "conceptual" in that they contain similar behaviors or behaviors that are part of a large idea. For example, Behavior Packs may be named (and filled accordingly):

  • "Tactical Movement"
  • "Ambient Wander"
  • "Social Emotes"

Some may be specific to a type of character archetype and would be named and filled accordingly. So instead of simply a "Tactical Movement" Behavior Pack, there may also be a "Tactical Movement - Aggressive" one. Some of the contents may be the same but the latter may have some more aggressive Behaviors such as one that closes to melee range regardless of the character's health. By doing this, a Brain can be assigned the appropriate Behavior Pack depending on the type of character and the desired behavior.

Because of this organization by concept, typically more than one Behavior Pack is assigned to a Brain.


The implementation for a behavior pack is kept in the class, BehaviorPackage. It is merely a name, description and a list of behaviors.

In addition to standard accessor functions, there are functions for adding a behavior to the package, removing one from the package, and seeing if an selected behavior is already in the list.