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The Modular Scalable Influence Map (Imap) system is a general knowledge representation system that allows for analysis of spatial, tactical, strategic, and ecological situations. This is used for NPCs to easily query information about the distribution of dozens... or even hundreds... of other agents in the world on the enemy team, their own team, neutral agents or objects, or any combination of the above to get information about a specific location (e.g. "am I crowded?" or "how much threat am I under right here?") or to find locations where something should be performed (e.g. "where is the safest place to stand?" or "where should I use this area of effect spell?")

It's original design was limited in size and scope to which it could be applied based on data restraints. However, it has since been modified to be used on larger maps and with more "types" of agents (e.g. teams, races, hazards). It now utilizes sparse data structures to only hold Imap information in places where it is actually used.




Core Code

Data Tool